[6] Roedernallee 56 – Advertising posters were yesterday – rely on modern LED display advertising.

approx. 2.813.400 / month
FAW, Frequenzatlas 2016

Location description

This video board is located not far from the fire station on Roedernallee. Thousands of motorists and passers-by pass by here every day, countless linger at the traffic lights – looking directly at our advertising space and thus at your advertising.

Roedernallee also serves as an access road from the Glienicke/Nordbahn area with its many detached houses and the Berlin district of Wittenau to the City West. Our Roedernallee location reaches a broad and solvent audience every day and generates a fantastic 2.8 million contacts per month.

Classic advertising posters become dilapidated over time and are not nice to look at. HD Berlin’s LED display advertising maintains its brilliance.


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