Why digital outdoor advertising is so effective in Berlin

Now reach Berlin digitally 10 times!

11 GOOD REASONS for digital outdoor advertising Berlin

Powerful in terms of reach

You reach over 12 million contacts in DOOH per month


You present yourself on 10 state-of-the-art LED video screens in outstanding quality

Independent of weather conditions

You benefit from brilliance regardless of weather conditions.

Video network

You use a unique video network with moving images in the capital of Germany.

Change motifs

You benefit from unlimited motif changes.


You can animate your spots.

Independent of the time of day

You can switch motifs depending on the time of day indefinitely.


You can start within 24h. We are flexible and fast for you.

Heavily frequented roads

You are fully digital and can see them at busy entrance and exit roads in Berlin.

Principle of rotation

You can change locations at will with the roation principle to achieve maximum contacts at the desired location.


You can be seen fully digitally on 10 video boards. This means you have no print + adhesive costs and you can actively react to spontaneous changes immediately.