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Reach Berlin digitally 10 times!


10 LED Boards as pioneers of OOH fully digital outdoor advertising in Berlin

The 10 LED SCREENS are pioneers of fully digital outdoor advertising and represent modern digitalisation in Berlin’s cityscape. The unbeatable brilliance, resolution and quality stand out and make them unique and irreplaceable.

LED advertising attracts attention with maximum efficiency. For example, 94 % of people can remember advertising on LED advertising displays. Static billboards only achieve 43 % here.

(Harris Survey – Silicon View)

Why are digital billboards so interesting in Berlin?

The progress of modernisation from analogue to digital is particularly visible in outdoor advertising. The trend is increasingly moving from classic advertising to large-format digital space with moving and animated images.

Moving images initially mean increased visibility – by about a third, if studies are to be believed. Advertisers now benefit from the fact that even small stimuli of movement have an absolutely irresistible effect on the human perception system.

It is well known that our brain has been conditioned since time immemorial to view movement with higher priority. Because movement has always meant prey, reward – danger. In any case, something that deserves attention. Moving images, as in our case in the form of digital LED advertising panels Berlin, are therefore always the more effective way to attract attention. There are almost no limits to the creative variety in the field of digital outdoor advertising. Use the HD-Berlin LED advertising spaces in Berlin for your commercial purposes.

werbung berlin digital millionen von menschen erreichen
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Reach your target audience

All over the world, outdoor advertising reaches millions of people. At HD Berlin, we reach Berlin – a market with 3.8 million consumers. And the trend is rising. Our boards are in the right locations, with the highest impressions. So that your customers can advertise their products with us in a very targeted way for sales.



They reach more than 12 million contacts a month with the 10 fully digital LED video boards located on busy streets in Berlin.


Unlimited motif changes and messages adapted to the time of day, to specific occasions or to the respective locations are possible.


Advertise without waiting. By eliminating lengthy production times, your advertising can go on the video boards at lightning speed, within a few hours if necessary.


Brilliant and razor-sharp motifs in any weather and at any time of day thanks to modern, outstanding quality.


Your advertising comes alive and achieves maximum attention. You have the choice between still image, animation or a video.


You can fully rely on our support for your campaign. We will help you to develop your individual advertising plan and thus make the most of the advantages of modern advertising.